NHS – The Ngunguru Happy Syndicate

About Us

On 24. May 2020 a group of Whangarillians went for a causal paddle. After almost being shot at by well hidden duck hunters, the group came up with the idea of starting a water sports syndicate. The idea is to all contribute to a few water sports toys we all use only rarely and like to share when friends/ family are coming up or for ourselves to try out or use …

Check here for first donated Watertoys to book

Jodie documented initial suggestions





Activity Calendar – Northland Adventures


Regular events

  • Saturday or Sunday morning Ngunguru paddle 9am from School


Winter Adventure Trips

Ski touring, snow kiting on the Plateau of Mount Ruapehu  late August/ September.

Martin will be Custodian on Iwikau Skiclub Hut. You are welcome to swing, ski, snowboard by …


From around ….28. -30. August 2020 – Northland Fun: cycle to Rawithi, run to Cape Brett, stay at the lighthouse, run to deep water cove, paddle to Urupukapuka, stay over night, swim with dolphins, paddle to Russell (subject to kayak support crew) and go home


Other Northland Adventures could include: running parts of Te Araroa Trail in combination with some kayaking on our amazing natural harbours & waterways. What could be good trips.  Or we organize the First Northland Water WoMan event with SUP, Kayaking, Kiting, Windsurfing, surfing, sailing, waka ama paddling in wild permutations ….

Please contact Jodie or Martin with your excellent ideas for other watertoys, people to involve or cool trips to do…


Past adventures

Opononi-2-Paihia Adventure – 20. – 25. July  


11-13. July Timbertrail Extravanganza- organised by Jodie, Tess & Jon


6. June 2020 – Ahipara-Herekino Adventure Beach kayak & 35km+ Bush/Beach/Dune run


email: fun@nhs.org.nz or fun@nhs.kiw …

phone: 0800 Water Fun


More information on NHS (including draft constitution) can be found here