Professional Services

We offer a wide range of professional services including, but not limited to:

* Executive strategy
* Governance
* Technology strategy
* Intellectual property development
* Business development for businesses and industry groups

NIC Consulting

With our Partners NIC  aims to help businesses improve their value, results and reputation through opportunities in sustainability. NIC Consulting delivers services in sustainability assessments, strategies, analysis, certification, value creation, and reporting. With a large network of partners we are able to deliver a full range of services, products and tools. We are committed to delivering business results in sustainability that surpass the cost of our fees.   NIC’s core offerings are:

* Sustainability strategy development
* Sustainability analysis and value creation
* Sustainability reporting
* Sustainability project management

Northland Innovation Centre (NIC)

endeavours to keep an up-to-date database of sustainability research undertaken in Northland. This will enable the flow and sharing of sustainability best practice in the region. This database will help new and existing researchers pool their resources and build on existing research. We plan to turn information we collect into a searchable research knowledge database for Northland. If you are interested in contributing, collaborating or learning more about sustainability research initiatives, please contact us.