Great Advice for Northland’s Future Entrepeneurs

Kiwi Innovator Ben O’Brien shares recipe for success

StretchSense CEO Ben O’Brien kicked off NIC’s Kiwi Innovator Series today with some great advice for Northlanders keen to launch a career in innovation.

160418_Ben O'Brien_pic 1
Ben OBrien CEO StretchSense

Ben co-founded StretchSense, a start-up that makes wearable motion capture sensors, out of Auckland University in 2012. Since then he has travelled the spectrum from scientist to innovator to entrepreneur while building StretchSense into an internationally recognised, award winning business.

Ben’s message to Northland youth is to follow your passion, make your own opportunities and don’t wait for someone to tell you when, what or how to do something. Dare to dream big.

Ben’s four clear tips for achieving success as a start-up entrepreneur are:

  1. Have a passion project: do something you really care about.
  1. Commit to your passion project completely: give 100% in your effort.
  1. Have a product to sell: find a way to make your passion project something others want and/or need.
  1. Deliver what you sell: if somebody buys your passion project, you do need to deliver!

Ben also emphasised that New Zealand is a great place to initiate and lead a start-up. With today’s interconnected globe, Northlanders can take their ideas to the world and be successful.

Kiwi Innovator Series organiser and NIC CEO Martin Knoche was very pleased with the level of interest shown in today’s workshop.

Kiwi Innovator Series NIC Sustainable

“It is exciting to see this diverse mix of people at the event. We had everyone from students considering a career in technology, educators keen to make science available in Northland, youths who might still think a career in sustainable innovation is beyond their reach, as well as seasoned hi-tech professionals.”

“These events are a great opportunity for anyone with an interest in sustainability and innovation to meet and exchange ideas with New Zealanders who are at the leading edge of technological innovation,” Mr Knoche said.

The free Kiwi Innovator Series workshops are open to everyone. They are especially designed to encourage Northland’s aspiring young people to think seriously about directing their intelligence and enthusiasm towards careers that will have a positive effect on the planet.

See short video on the event.


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