Climate change urgent reminder that sustainable action is needed

On December 8 last year 195 nations agreed at the COP21 meeting in Paris to limit climate change impacts. It is not so much the content of the agreement but the fact that most nations have agreed to agree, take action and monitor their respective action, that make this event an important one.

On a less positive note, also in December, New Zealand was awarded the ‘fossil award’ for doing very little to alleviate climate change. But there is good news, last week (19 April 2016) a group of NZ Scientists published a ten step recommendation on how New Zealand can tackle climate change and move to a low carbon economy.Ranui Sustainable Energy

Northland Innovation Centre (NIC) has projects underway tackling these areas already. They include carbon zero, passive houses which do not require external energy sources. Optimising transport solutions and reducing carbon emissions by promoting non-fossil fuel transportation like electric, autonomous and hydrogen vehicles. NIC Energy is looking at increasing the contributions of renewable energy to Northland’s energy mix by researching marine energy.

Our team is living a sustainable lifestyle by commuting to work often by bike, walking or kayak. We hope you are going to join the movement to a lower carbon Northland.

Please contact if you would like to discuss or learn more about what you can do today.


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