Blue Ocean Moonshot – Aotearoa’s ‘just transition’

Have you ever listen to John F Kennedy’s Moonshot speech from 15. May 1961? If you have not, here is a link to this still amazing speech.

In my opinion Aotearoa is at the point of our own moonshot. Our moonshot is a ‘just transition’ from a fossil fuel economy to a renewable energy economy and our challenge to mitigate Climate Change.

Here is another very worthwhile discussion by Professor Jeffrey Sachs and Professor Marianna Mazzucato on the Mission Economy.

Aotearoa’s moonshot could be the ‘just transition’ in this decade to a carbon zero economy. A mix of renewable energy should be part of this moonshot. The current energy mix should be complemented by new renewable energy like wave, tidal, offshore wind, floating solar or what is called marine energy. To transition from the current fossil fuel regime in a realistic but swift time frame, it is suggested to start exploring opportunities with the Refinery at Marsden Point, NIWA’s aqua culture facility at Bream Bay, Northport’s Vision for Growth strategy, other local, innovative businesses and Patuharakeke’s environmental goals. A collaboration of these diverse stakeholders could result in Aotearoa taking on global leadership on how a ‘just transition’ could be managed considering local jobs, building a right skilled workforce, protecting the environment and at the same time ensuring energy security. The latter is critical in times of uncertainty like the pandemic the world is living through.

For more details, check out our short animation and the NZ Marine Energy Association’s website

Should NZ continue to be a real estate economy and really export the cheapest milk powder on the planet or do something more value adding like Blue Ocean Innovation, IP development & global licensing and assisting other countries of the world to decarbonize their economy and shift to renewable energy & sustainable food/ water from ocean resources …

If not, maybe a moonshot for Blue Ocean Innovation is worth giving it a shot. As JFK said in his May 1961 moonshot speech to congress, “…it will be the hardest we ever have done and the most expensive thing. ” They achieved putting a first man on the moon – despite all these bad odds – in less than eight years.

Let’s be bold and aim for the Blue Ocean moonshot in Aotearoa…and become a global leader in ocean based innovation.

Aotearoa – A team of 5 million navigators …


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