Monthly entrepreneurial support

We are hosting our next monthly ADI at NorthTec’s Future Trades (19 Dyer St, Whangarei).

Please book your mentoring session now – so you won’t miss out.

So far we had some of the following ideas brought to us: natural ice cream, manure pots, back fitness tool, first nation tourism concept, an electric buggy and many more really, really cool ideas.

We like to see more Northland innovators making it on the world stage.

Pause for a minute to reflect on Northland Innovators:

  • Billy T James – former plumber and comedian
  • Michael Hill – jewellerer
  • Ian Wright – Engineer and founder of Tesla, WrightSpeed
  • Malcolm Rands – founder of EcoStore

And soon YOU ….

It will be great to see you at one of our next FKA ADI mentoring sessions and Kiwi Innovator Series.


On a more commerical note, if you are interested in electric vehicles and latest developments in the automotive sector check us out here.



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