Daring to imagine, is daring to live

Cape Reinga
Dare to imagine, dare to live

When I came to Aotearoa from Europe in 1996, Kiwi’s talked a lot about the “tyranny of distance”. I needed to research what that meant. It meant when you export big, heavy products to the world, we were very disadvantaged.

Fast forward to the Millenial world (people born in 80’s and 90’s) of 2017.

NZ is exporting some of the coolest IT solutions & technology on the planet. In fact it can be an advantage to be far, far away from everything. Sometimes not knowing that it can’ be done is a good thing. We Kiwis don’t have to limit ourselves anymore. If you dare to imagine, you can dare to live to the fullest. And how much cooler is it to be in an amazing place like Tai Tokerau and still be able to serve satisfied customers all over the world. And maintain a balanced lifestyle without traffic jams, stressed people and huge commercial pressure in your face every day.

Come to the digital presence of possibilities… here a small example of trying to make a difference


On 22. May 2017 Gareth Cronin will come to Northland to share his personal story in the buoyant NZ software development scene. He worked at Orion Health, Wynyard Group, Xero and is involved in a few cool start-ups including in the Artificial Intelligence area.

That day Gareth will visit two schools in the morning, meet a few Northland business leaders for lunch and then hold a public workshop at Northtec from 4pm.


  • How I learned about things I never thought I’d know about, as software took me through helping factories, saving lives, catching bad guys, and teaching people how to measure and control money
  • Why it’s everyone’s duty to save New Zealand by transforming our economy by creating an engine room of technology innovation
  • How in the last two years a huge revolution in digital technology has started and we are at the very beginning of a golden age of using artificial intelligence to completely change how we live and work
Gareth’s short bio:
Gareth Cronin is General Manager of Partner Product Projects at Xero, one of New Zealand’s most well known export businesses, rewiring the global business economy by bringing beautiful accounting software to small and medium businesses. He is also a co-founder of Ambit AI, a software startup creating conversational user experiences using natural language processing. He serves on the board of the IT Professionals New Zealand’s (ITP) national tertiary degree accreditation programme under the Seoul Accord, the Auckland Branch Committee of ITP, and the IT industry advisory panel for Manukau Institute of Technology.
Prior to joining Xero, Gareth consulted for Air New Zealand and Vista Entertainment, led engineering at crime analytics software business Wynyard Group, and at health software creator Orion Health, where he spent four years growing the engineering group from 150 to 350 people, creating new development shops in Christchurch, Bangkok, Canberra, and Phoenix, and producing products that support the transformation of healthcare for the better.
Gareth left an earlier career as a piano teacher and musician to undertake a BSc(Hons) in Computer Science, work as a Software Engineer, and then later complete an MBA at the University of Auckland. Prior to joining Orion Health in 2010, he led the development teams at Kiwiplan, a successful New Zealand software house supplying 600 customer sites in the packaging manufacturing industry.


Please contact us if you like to participate and get involved.


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