1st International Conference on Digital Transformation, Whangarei Q3Y18

The Whangarei I.T. Group of Professionals is organising the First International Conference on Digital Transformation in Whangarei third quarter 2018.


The objective of the Digital Transformation conference is to encourage more Northlanders to consider and pursue careers in I.T. and make the world a better place for themselves and their whanuau.

The conference is organised in three key content streams:

  • Technology
  • People
  • Process


The Technology stream will include Digital Transformation topics ranging from Artifical Intelligence (AI), Autonomous Vehicles (AV) & Automation, Big Data Analaytics, Climate Change Science, Cyber Security, Electrical Vehicles (EV), Deep Learning, the Internet of Things (IoT)  to the Martian Trust . We will be covering hardware & software solutions and key challenges.

In the People stream we will cover “Women in Tech”, Talent attraction/ retention and talent development.

We have secured the following speakers already and are working on expanding the line-up of International Experts on the Digital Transformation topic.

  1. John Gell from McKay Electrical on Smart City Whangarei
  2. Professor Peter Chong from AUT University – Electical Engineer and V2x Expert
  3. Professor Reinhard Klette & Qi Gn from AUT University – Mathematician and Computer Vision Expert
  4. Christian Ehl from Hillert Co, Munich (Germany) – Engineer and AI Activist & Author
  5. Martin Knoche – Climate Researcher and Autonomous Vehicle Enthusiast on the role of transport in Climate Change
  6. Stuart Christie – former Manager from NZVIF and co-founder from M-com, now part of FiServe
  7. Rudi Bublitz – CCH of Flying Kiwi Angel Group
  8. John Houlker – Father of the NZ Internet and Trustee the Martian Trust, on NZ as a testbed for the world & beyond
  9. Kit Wilkerson – Data Scientist and ITS & AI Expert
  10. Steffen Schaefer – NZTA and ITS Expert on mobility solutions
  11. Jean-Louis Ecochard – CIO of the Nature Conservancy on Digital Transformation for Northland


The speakers will present a short paper or poster and discuss their topic for up to 20min. After each block of presentations we have a panel discussion, co-led by Whangarei students. All talks will be live streamed to the internet and made available afterwards as well.

We will have Innovation Awards in the following categories for the best presentation at the 4:30 reception on the last day of the conference

  • under 25yr old person’s Northland vision
  • ovet 60yr old person’s Northland vision
  • goverment (local/ central) vision
  • business vision
  • envrionmental vision
  • societal vision
  • youth into tech jobs in Northland vision

These awards will be presented by our mystery celebrity at 5pm sharp.

For the school pupil we will run special workshops on the above topics with our International Experts. After all the Digital Transformation will be driven by this new emerging talent – from Northland.


Don’t be left behind.


Follow the latest updates on our Facebook page .

If you are interested to suggest additional topics to cover and join the conference, please register your interest here.





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