Will automation change our daily life?

Have you ever wondered if self-driving vehicles would impact your life? If not, maybe you should. As they are likely to be one of the biggest technology induced changes society will experience of the next decade/s. Impacting on road safety, real estate, how we travel, where we live, how we interact with each other, how we trade, how we transport goods around and many more aspects.

What forms will these new means of transport likely take. Here a 2018 view:


They will impact on how

  • we will get to work (our Auckland friends can spent up to 3hrs each day commuting to work in a car, probably not the most productive 15hrs or almost two additional workday hours per week)
  • we use our cities. No more parking problems. More green spaces in towns.
  • we will live. Our young ones safely travel to kindie/ school by AV taxi. Same with our elderly travelling to town, doctors, entertainment by AV.
  • we will travel and interact with each other e.g. whilst jointly travelling we can talk, play, chill out together
  • safe we are (in NZ every day one person dies on our roads. Globally over 1.3 million people die in road accidents). McKinsey, Accenture in HBR predicts over 60% less accidents with the autonomous vehicle evolution by 2030.
  • we trade and freight goods around
  • …also see CBI Insights for other 33 impacted industries

What technologies are being developed on the route to full autonomous driving?


Check out our introductory video, presentation and/or N3T Flyer on road safety solution.

Here some interesting articles on the topic


As always, thank you for your constructive comments.


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