Kiwi Innovator Series 04: Alain Brideson

NIC is proud to announce that one of NZ’s best industrial designers, Alain Brideson, is coming to Northland.

Alain is one of NZ’s most foremost industrial engineers. He has designed a globally leading autonomous concept car – including drone landing platform  at the back. This car was showcased to US President Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel at an international trade show in Europe. His design was praised with high regard. Alain will talk about innovating globally from New Zealand and his journey thus far. He uses 3D printing, new materials and lots of kiwi ingenuity in his design process.

Check out the interview he gave to Radio NZ (July 2016).

Alain will be inspiring youth at two Northland schools and then hold a public presentation at 116 Bank St on Monday 19. September from 4.30pm.


In this context, you may like to check out how autonomous driving is developing as we speak:


Please join us and Alain on Monday 19. September at 116 Bank Street from 4.30pm.


His talk with include the following:

-Alain’s journey

-Alain’s message

-introduction into workshop project

-teach a few relative design principles

Workshop:  Flatpack furniture

-Design a piece of flatpack furniture and build a model

-Draw and brainstorm cool ideas

-Every student receives a standard sized piece of cardboard

-With only cutting and folding techniques, the students make a design using only that one piece of cardboard

-the design should have the ability to be disassembled and reassembled
(depending on the age group, otherwise if they are younger they could maybe use glue)


After everyone has made their design, we get together do discuss each others ideas and find out what we have all learnt.
Desired take-aways / learnings

-Discovering creative potential through experimentation

  • -How to turn something flat and mundane into something exciting
-Learn to be resourceful

-To create something useful?

-For them to use their imagination

-For them to surprise themselves



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