Start-up encouragement in Northland

NIC strongly believes that innovation & entrepreneurship will assist Northlanders to thrive and enjoy life further.

One exciting example is Thought Wired. This is an innovative technology developed by passionate entrepreneurs/ scientist in New Zealand. They are helping New Zealanders with severe physical disabilities to use their brain waves to communicate with their family, friends and the outside world. If you like to learn more, check out their Pledge Me campaign.

NIC is part of the Flying Kiwi Angels and will run the first Angelic-Drop-in (ADI) outside of Auckland monthly at NorthTec’s Dyer Street. The first session will be on 27. September at 19 Dyer Street Student Centre from 4-6pm. Interested entrepreneurs can book 20min session with business angels/ mentors on the following link.

Aspire to the stars ***

See you all out there creating innovative new businesses, disrupting the status quo and helping create a better world for Northlanders.

Check out some of these cool Udacity Talks:



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