Saving our oceans

Here is a very interesting interview with my fellow oceanographer Professor Dr Martin Visbeck on the state of the ocean and what we should/ need to do to preserve it. Also see the “Deep Trouble in the ocean” and ‘how to improve the state of the ocean’  article in the Economist on the topic.


With our prolific use of plastics everywhere, we are slowly but steadily introducing a lot of plastic into our water table, rivers, lakes and ocean. The plastic gets grounded up, gets smaller and smaller. Those particles left get into our plants, into our food and ultimately into us. Not good!


The plastic of a six pack takes over 400 years do degrade. A coke can over 200 years. We need to be more mindful what we consume and how much superfluous waste we are creating.  Everyone can do something about it – take your own bags when you are shopping, buy local food (not processed, widely traveled and plastic wrapped foods).


In the ocean we already have huge gyres where our plastic rubbish is spinning around. Fish & mammals get entangled and die. It is a huge disaster. We need to stop blaming others but each of us needs to take action for ourselves – Today, not tomorrow!


image sources: NOAA, environcon, wasteland rebel, ZDF, Economomist (2017)


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