Climate Change – what can I do?!!!

On and off people talk about Climate Change. Often we listen, briefly think about it and move on to our absorbing daily life. This seems fine.

But it is not, we all have a responsibility to our children, their children and generations to come. Because our actions or better lack of action today, will have a huge impact on the future. We NEED to act NOW, not tomorrow, not next week – NOW!!!

And it is not really that difficult. With little things done everyday, by everyone, we can create a movement and make a huge impact to reverse the impact of man made Climate Change.

Here are a few easy daily to dos;

  • walk to work, school rather than take  single occupancy vehicle
  • buy local food rather than oranges from the USA, cheese from Holland, pasta from Italy. Our local food is just as good if not much better
  • don’t buy too much packaged food, goods – avoid packaging as much as you can
  • recycle food scraps to your compost
  • recycle paper, plastic, cans in your weekly rubbish collection
  • collect rubbish every day from the street, parks, walks, beaches – every rubbish piece you collect will not get blown into nature, river and then the ocean

Educate yourself on what else you, your family, your friends, your neighbourhood can do and then DO IT. Don’t wait for someone else to solve this. Become a leader to safe our planet.

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