Free business advice


Have you started a business and are struggling on what to do next?


Have you got an idea and want to start a business?

Are you looking for trusted business advice and/or funding?

Come to us!!!

The Flying Kiwis offer free business advice once a month.

Book a 20 minute free slot on or email


When: every first Tuesday of the month, from 4-6pm

Where: Te Kapehu Whetu InnoNative Business Space, 185 Lower Dent St, Whangarei

What to bring: a business idea and some information on what problem you are solving, what does your solution look like; who are your customers, how do you find new customers; how big is the market; how are you making money, what are your revenue streams; what are your growth challenges; where do you need some help. The more questions you have for us, the better prepared you come, the better we can support you.

How do we operate: we listen to you, you ask us questions, we have a dialogue – Chatham House Rules apply (what is said in the room, stays in the room)


Linda Reid (Business woman from Dargaville running a media company, consultancy & drug testing business)

Kerry Friend (Business man from Ngunguru, former CFO of major media company in Tokyo, then started one of globally biggest gaming companies in Singapore)

Lawrence Levene (moved to Whangarei in June 2018 from Charlottesville (US), serial entrepreneur, one exit was Trustware to SingTel, we want to bring the learnings/ networks of his Accelerator, CvilleMachines, to Whangarei)

Martin Knoche (former European Space Agency, Compaq/HP, Telekom NZ, NZTE/ Callaghan Innovation and now CEO of N3T, a NIC subsidiary)

About the Flying Kiwi Angels

Founded in 2013, the Flying Kiwi Angels have grown to a group of more than 50 business angels. We unite in-depth entrepreneurial experience from many industries on an international level. Our aim is to identify and help Kiwi businesses grow – not only by providing funding, but moreover by contributing our experience and hands on support. In our unique angelic drop-in sessions (ADI Clinic) we offer a free 20-minute sparring partner session to discuss ideas, business models and entrepreneurial challenges. The result: more than 750 sessions so far across New Zealand and successful investments into a dozen+ portfolio companies.

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